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We deliver state-of-the-art digital consulting services that help clients address their pain points, bring new ideas into reality, or sharpen existing ideas.

Our dedicated teams specialize in designing, developing and delivering software products. We enjoy what we do and we work with some of the talented brains in the industry, assisting businesses across a wide range of industries to develop new potentials and unravel value. We are an independent digital agency that loves solving clients' digital problems. We provide solutions that transform business needs into success.

We build custom, state-of-the-art and scalable mobile and web platforms that empower organizations to solve real-world problems. We pride ourselves on building new things while improving existing things to perform better. We always have our clients' best interests at heart and strive to offer unbiased and meaningful guidance. Our team of sharpest brains handle complex tasks and deliver exceptional solutions to our happy clients.

Our Methodology


Scribes and Shekel is is committed to providing our clients with services that offer top-notch value. We assist our clients to actualize their business purposes, goals and establish lasting relationships with their target audience. Are you looking to design and create a new website or mobile application?

Are you in need of some basic guidance on your current project or growing your business locally or globally through advanced online conversion rates?
If yes, we can help!


When you fail to plan, you automatically plan to fail. Prior to embarking on any project with our clients,  (irrespective of the project size), our team first engage in a conversation with you to understand your business needs and pain points. We strive to get to the heart of your business demands in other to understand the best possible ways to address your business needs.

Our experts at Scribes and Shekel would customise your mobile and website application according to the business objectives and goals set by you. Our consultants will simplify your business needs and subsequently incorporate them into the most appealing website that will help you remain competitive in today's dynamic marketplace. We pride ourselves on quality without compromise and our core objective is to see you succeed.

Value: Our services are created to offer you the best value for your money. There are no hidden costs!

Distinguished: We will help you stand apart in the competitive marketplace by giving you nothing but the best services.

Performance: Your performance is integral in today's competitive market and we will ensure that your website follows the required standard.

Solutions: We provide you with concrete solutions, which are offered in stipulated time.

Amendments: Overtime, your business will begin to downgrade if no changes are made. We strive to update your business in line with the trends in other to keep you ahead of the game.

User-Centered Design

By adopting the user-centered iterative design process, we focus on the users and their needs in every phase of the design process. With our iterative design approach, we focus mainly on the users and their needs in each stage of the process. We utilize a combination of investigative techniques and tools such as surveys and interviews and brainstorming to identify the users' pain points while understanding the user needs.

Our team strives to involve users throughout the entire design process through user research and key design techniques. The goal is to design and build highly useful, usable and accessible products for them.

The importance of great user-centred design is that it feels familiar and natural to end-users. We design and create user interfaces that are usable, intuitive, useful and provide a satisfying experience.

Throughout this design process, we improve and simplify ideas, capitalizing on the core messages. The key factor that helps you remain competitive in the market is directly dependant on the way you address your customers' needs and market demands with compelling actions. With our UCD approach, we aim to to capture and address the entire user experience.

Therefore, it is paramount that your business website is designed and built in accordance to the prevailing trends and industry standards. This is to render the best users' experience to your customers. Our experts will help to build and improve your website to address your users needs.

Website & Mobile Development

Are you planning to set up a mobile presence for your business or organization?
Are you planning to build a website application for your business or organization?
Are you planning to create both mobile and web applications for your business or organization?

When setting up your business, it is important to consider if you want to first build a mobile application for users to download or a website, or both. Determining whether a mobile or web application is best suited to your business needs depends on several factors such as the business goals, budget, required features, target audiences, etc.

Once it comes to deciding if to build a website or a mobile app, the best-suited choice depends mostly on your end goals. Ideally, a website should be considered your first step in establishing a web presence, however, a mobile app is important if you want to develop an application for a particular purpose that cannot be adequately addressed through a website.

There is a need for you to have it at the back of your mind that the web and mobile applications are not always mutually exclusive. Several organizations have both a website and mobile app for achieving their business goals. The bottom line is to identify and select the right tool suitable for your business.

Make the Right Call
If you are pondering whether to choose a web or mobile strategy for your business, our team of experts can assist you to make informed decisions with the right business plan to match your goals. Our experts will also help to turn your ideas into reality.

Smart Home Development

Smart Home is a working environment that integrates the technology that allows systems and devices to be automatically controlled. This is based mainly on an intelligent mechanism with automatic control. This can include features for climate, appliances, and security systems like alarm systems and access control.

Considering the fact that home networking has expanded with the availability of high-speed internet, smart home technology has been advanced by allowing interworking with mobile devices as well as by installing sensors in devices used daily. The success of smart homes depends mainly on their widespread adoption and utilization by people on a daily basis.

Basically, people want to derive convenience and comfortability through the smart home concept, however, the level and approach of actualizing this goal vary between individuals.

Scribes and shekel designs solutions for smart homes through a user-centred approach. We strive to ensure that our smart homes provide information and services best suited for each user. This is because each user could have different physical abilities, unique needs, live in a different home or location.

How we deliver

Case Studies

Bakery Mobile Application

The bakery app is a mobile application designed for customers to order baked goods online. The application also gives the customers the option of customizing their orders as well as allowing orders to be delivered.

Most people are occupied with all sorts of activities and barely have ample time to cook at home nor bake. Besides, most people do not know how to bake and are reluctant to learn how to do so. Going to bakeries or grocery stores to purchase baked goods frustrate some people due to their tight work schedules or other demanding needs.

As a result, this app was designed to achieve the following: improve customers experience ordering baked goods online, increase customers satisfaction and offer a personalized shopping experience to users.

This mobile application is easy to use, offers a smooth online shopping experience for users and showcases a variety of different baked goods.

National Cancer Reports

This is a UK-wide initiative, working to drive improvements in standards of cancer care and clinical outcomes by analysing data collected about cancer patients via internal information systems.

Worked on Level 1 to Level 4 National Cancer Audit Reports (COSD) (HTML, Excel, PDF, CSV and Word) rendering using rail’s presenters and Data Access Object (DAO’s) for compositing the report summaries, which are driven by rspec tests.

Each summary is a collection of rows of ruby structs representing different parts of the reports (TotalStruct, SubTotalStruct. etc). Also the presenters provided that added advantage of sharing several components across report types.

Involved in the data extraction from the ERA Oracle database COSD NLCA, NPCA, Clinical Indicators for breast cancers audits. This includes writing raw SQL queries, rake tasks and ruby libraries / import scripts for extraction of data.

Tesco Connect: Logistics Management System

Logistics Management System is a system used for scheduling, forecasting and ordering of Tesco Products and Stocks. The system was first written in the 70’s and is based on x3270/s3270. The motive behind this project was to create web browser based emulator for this system.

Applied mainly screen scrapping techniques. On the frontend, BackboneJS/Underscore/JQuery is used for rendering, DOM manipulation and the Mousetrap for keyboard key binding/shortcuts. The backend included Apache ActiveMQ and ruby REST based API that basically handled sending and receiving responses from and to s3270.

Also worked on defining/architecting the infrastructure / devops / deployment environment and adding automated deployment processes. This project also includes a translation engine for each screen, from English to Korean, Hungarian and Thai etc. We developed this engine in a way that this can support multiple languages if needed.

Tesco Modern Stock-Take

Modern Stock Take (MST) is an operation which performs a stocktake in each large format store twice per year. The aim of the operation is to correct any inaccuracies in the stock records of these stores in order to drive an improvement in availability.

The stocktakes are performed by two external count companies (RGIS and OCS). The operation has two aims:
* Provide accurate stocktakes
* Provide stocktakes that have minimal impact on the customer

Tesco Connect Stocktake is a tool that provides up-to-date performance information relating to the Modern Stock Take operation. It allows any threats to delivering the two operational aims to be identified, which then means timely interventions can be made to protect the operation. By making such interventions the operation will be delivered at a consistent high standard.

Elevate Crowd Funding And Trading Of Property Shares

For this project, we focused on creating the complex mechanisms needed for the purchase and trading of shares for properties. We incorporated the same liquid behaviours expected by traders who buy and sell shares in a stock exchange.

The system equally tracks the P & L of the properties, share price changes, dividends and interest payments due to the investors.
We worked on the Transport Links and Schools metadata feature for properties on the elevate platform. This was built as a ruby REST-based API, which interacts with multiple sources of data.

It also calculates the distance of the facilities to the property, which are plotted and displayed on Google Maps. The project involved Devops (Rackspace and setup of Proxmox hypervisor which with setting Up isolated local test environments), Backend and Frontend tasks.

We implemented the elastic search for Marketplace (Property and Business loans) and Knowledgebase CMS. This was deployed to the docker container in a Rackspace cloud environment. We also used docker with vagrant/VirtualBox to setup the isolated development environment.

Online Social E-commerce Project

Shopa is a social shopping platform for connecting retailers with customers through recommendations. Shopa is a UK and US-based e-commerce business that unlocks the opportunities that social commerce brings. The platform allows the monetisation of personal recommendations through its social marketplace.

Our experts worked as part of the technology team where we focused mainly on the Golang backend ingester service as well as the product catalogue. This development process was mostly based on pair programming sessions, various code refactoring and bug fixes. This is currently ongoing work on the Shopa retailer proxy ingester/synchronizer project.

The work spans from type re-definition of Golang type/interfaces to cater for woo-commerce shortcomings of returning (strings and floating-point) types in an inconsistent/unpredictable matter.

We used docker-compose to set up the development environment and integrate other micro-services (catalog, shopa website, redis, mongo and postgres instances) that the ingester required, in order to function well.

About Us

Who We Are?
Scribes and Shekel is a software development company that prides itself on designing, developing and delivering software products. We are a sole digital agency that focuses in solving clients' digital problems. We provide solutions that address business needs. We build unique, innovative and scalable applications that allow businesses to address their business challenges.

We strive tocreate new things while improving existing things to perform better. We always have our clients' best interests at heart and we endeavour to always provide unbiased and meaningful guidance. We are dynamic with a mix of opinions, cultures and countries, unified by the burning urge to solve complex problems, while delivering remarkable solutions to satisfy our customers. Outside work, Scribes and Shekel engages in charity work, networking, photography to filmmaking.

Why Choose Us?
Our team of experts will always strive to listen to you in other to identify your pain points and business needs. We will also work together with you to map out plans and goals for your company, products or services. We will always work with you to choose the right approach that match your business needs. We don’t force things into where they don't belong to, hence we will be honest and inform you upfront if we think our services won't be a great fit for your business. 

We are creative and technical
We are not afraid to tackle technical challenges or solve complex problems, be it mobile, website or graphical design, programming or system development and deployment. Our agile team are ever ready to turn your ideas into a functional reality.

We are experienced
Our experienced team of experts have several years of technical knowledge and capabilities to cater for our clients' needs.

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